Designer: Pavel Efremov, Boris Belov, Aleksandr Smolnikov
School: British Higher School of Design
Country: Russia

The idea was to combine perfume brand and interactive technologies, and the best choice was to connect music that people love with fragrances that people can wear every day, or on just special occasions. The main insight is that every tune has a set of properties like tempo, mood, tone, time when it was released. According to this data we suggest that we can translate it to fragrance note, so that everyone can compose a set of fragrances based on their favorite music pieces. We designed a basic bottle, shaped in a form of a Jack connector- thing that has been connecting people with music for several decades already. To make experience more easy we developed an app that helps people upload their music library and compose a set of three fragrances, which will be then delivered to them. We have chosen a pack of three, because its a great opportunity to try different odors in one pack.

Considering package- its a triangular box for three bottles with graphic design which is generated on the basis of uploaded tunes. There is a geometric pattern that connects all pieces of deign into one.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery