Country: The Netherlands


CARTILS, one of the world’s first branding and packaging design consultants, created the new bottle and design for the brand CHOYA of Choya Umeshu Co Ltd., the number one producer and seller of Umeshu in Japan and the 8th largest liqueur brand in the world. Umeshu is a traditional Japanese ume fruit liqueur. CHOYA needed to rejuvenate its brand identity and could use the opportunity to ensure coherency in its presentation globally.

The new design of CHOYA now has a rejuvenated brand personality with its brand values clearly aligned with its consumers’ needs and wants. By creating a strong brand platform in which clearly the CHOYA logo is the hero, CARTILS has ensured a stronger shelf impact, as well as a more proud positioning for the well-known brand. Details, such as the ‘Ume’ fruit illustration on the closure, clearly show the authenticity and high quality the brand represents. The logo embossing on the foot adds to this quality expression, but also makes the bottle more unique and ownable.

All three flavours, Classic, Honey and Herb, have been clearly differentiated while maintaining family resemblance. Through the uniform design across the three variants; the cylindrical shape of the bottle and cap; and the vivid colours of the range; CHOYA is now a traditional, yet modern drink, appealing to both the 20 to 35 years old male and female. It is classic, yet elegant and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or accompanied with dinner.

“We, CHOYA, have been working with CARTILS for the first big renewal of our main product. It is our traditional Japanese fruit liqueur and needed to be upgraded. CARTILS is very organised, trustworthy and professional. Its representatives always responded to our requests in a good way and tried to give us reasonable suggestions. Now, we cannot wait to launch our new package, which is definitely upgraded with a premium brand image. We definitely recommend you to work with Cartils for your next project.” – Masahiko Kondo, General Manager at CHOYA Umeshu Co Ltd.

The new design of CHOYA is already available in Asia, and the United States, Europe will follow this summer.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery