Designer: Christian Denehy
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hull, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Artisan Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Card
Printing Process: Flexography

Artisan Chocolate at its finest. Designed by Christian Denehy, Coco Loco is a delicious brand of chocolate with packaging that represents the products 'wow' factor. The packaging is covered with the brands vibrancy, mirroring the flavours each bar represents. The intense colour palette and patterns create a sense of shelf disruption and help the packaging to break away from other more generic chocolate products.

"Coco Loco mainly imports their chocolate bars to the United Kingdom. I had the opportunity to design their brand identity and also their full range of consumer-facing products.

After creating such a fun and energetic brand for them initially it was then important to translate it into their packaging. Each flavour has it's own unique pattern, colour scheme and texture."

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