Designed by Cátia Vide, Portugal.
School: Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave (IPCA)

The brief was to make a packaging design of a commemorative/special edition of a product.

I chose the old portuguese brand of canned fish Ramirez, and my idea was to develop a commemorative edition based on the three most typical Portuguese dishes: Sardines in Stew, Cod with Olive Oil and Garlic, and Tuna Roast stylish Algarve.

Each illustration tells the origin of each dish: Sardines in Stew, was a dish invented by fishermen; Cod with Olive Oil and Garlic, is the most famous dish of Portugal, there is a cod recipe for every day of the year here, and was illustrated by our typical architecture; and the Tuna Roast stylish Algarve, was illustrated by the Barril beach. Since the 70’s, the fishermen were confronted with costs of economic exploration, and the remoteness from tuna on the coast. They were abandoning their anchors in the sand of this beach, and now constitutes one of the most beautiful museums landscaped. The narrative illustrated that conserves want honor this historical fact.

It’s an edition that honors the old portuguese canned fish, printed in one color, on kraft paper, transmits tradition, national product, nostalgia (a very portuguese word), trust and revivalism.



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