Agency: Labis Design Artefice Group
Designer: Henrique Catenacci / Maikel Morais
Client: Wensky Beer
Country: Brazil

Wensky Beer was founded in 2003 by a Polish family in the South of Brazil. The company works under the concept of microbrewery, which rescues the traditional way of making beer.

The main goal was to translate the brand’s quality and facilitate identification through product differentiation. The graphic line’s concept was inspired on the brand’s value – Poland, tradition, originality and craft.  To communicate these values and simultaneously translate the characteristics of each kind of beer on the label, different European animals were chosen to associate each beer with its qualities. For example, the Beer Baltic Porter was associated to the Bison strength. The features of European beers graphic style with a unique brand identity create the bound between classic and contemporary. In the creation process were also targeted all production process such as the choice of Metallized BOPP as printing media to enhance the graphics of the labels.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery