Designed by Etiketka design agency, Moldova.

We managed to create the label that stimulates interaction between customer and a product. In order to view all the details – the Roman numeral, percentage of grape sorts, the legend and etc. – customer turns around (rotates) the bottle, interacts with it. Suchlike psychological effect creates subconscious communication – it works much more effective than the bright visual incentives that are usually used for attracting customer’s attention.

Roman numeral “V” is the core style-forming element and it sets the discreet tone to entire label design (by means of using sensual varnish and special paper). Color spectrum which consists of black, gray and white, emphasizes the discreet and laconic style.

We got a unique solution using the label that embraces all the circumference of a bottle, instead of one or two segments. As a result – whatever side of the bottle it is – the design attracts attention.




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