Designed by Doug Eaddy of DEDESIGN, United States.

Inspiration: Micheal Weston (Burn Notice), BMW (M3), and Architecture

Branding: I wanted to create an identity that didn’t have a traditional Winery feel, but my emphasis was to create something clean sophisticated and versatile.

Logo: If you look closely at the abstract shape, you can see the two W’s that takes on an abstract gesture of grapes overlapping in a vineyard.

Products: The concept of these products were influenced by the BMW M3. I wanted Weston-BLK to showcase the clean and sophistication of the exterior of the car. For Alter Ego, I wanted to express the energy of what goes on in the car because if you ever driven a M3 you always want to drive in the fast lane, which is where the beast is unleashed! Enjoy!

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery