Design: Salt and Sugar Creative Studio
Location: Turkey
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal Can

Dear Beer is a craft brewery brand mainly has three different fruit based beers: Peach, strawberry and grape. This brand and project is not published, it is a concept design work which we made in order to present our joyful approach to branding&packaging and take our designing skills to another level. What was so fun about this project is that we had no limitation other than our sense of design.

Inspired from retro style, we created a colourful identity mixed with bold and funny typography. Colour palette is composed of vibrant tones which works well with each other in different combinations. What makes the retro style stands out is mixing these colors with the bold shapes and lines. Our aim for the packagings was to be able to attract people even from far away. The graphical language of the brand enabled us to create clean packagings with straight lines and boxes. We also preferred a cartoony font with a small touch of 3d effect for the Dear Beer logo. It separated the logo from other elements on the designs. With this energetic identity we wanted to appeal all kinds of people no matter what their age is.

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