Designed by Sonic Design Solutions
Country: United States

Developed in 1947, commercial plastic spray bottle have become increasingly popular in modern homes, whether it is for dispensing water, cleaning solutions or insecticides. Unlike spray cans, in which the user simply actuates a valve to dispense product under pressure, standard spray bottles rely on the user to manually pump fluid product.

While in some cases a couple of pumps are efficient for a one-time use, there are many applications requiring consumers to pump over longer time to achieve necessary coverage or volume, causing fatigue, frustration and inconsistent results.

New York-based SONIC Design developed an innovative power sprayer with replaceable product cartridges. Incorporating a battery-powered 4.5V pump, charging system and adjustable spray head, this product can aerosolize a mist, squirt or spray most fluid products. Adapting visual elements from power tools, the design concept conveys durability, quality and superior performance. The interchangeable cartridge system is based on a recyclable PET bottle with a shrink-wrapped label. Low weight and compact, the form factor of the refills allows for efficient shipping and shelving.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery