Designed by 2yolk, Greece.

A start up has commissioned 2yolk to design the brand for its corporate identity and packaging. Helea, which is also the name of the new brand, is involved in the marketing and export of olive oil and olive products. 2yolk came up with the brand philosophy as well as the logo and slogan. The philosophy of the design is to focus not on the product but on olive oil’s benefits and the lifestyle of people who buy it. The logo was created from two drops of olive oil overlapping to form a heart and an olive leaf where they intersect. The slogan combines the importance of olive oil in the lives of the Greek people with its taste. Greeks use olive oil in every aspect of their lives: in ceremonies of joy and of sorrow, in food and even in cosmetics. The nature of olive oil, which has flavours which are mild and sweet but at the same time, intense and bitter, is like life itself. Helea: how life tastes.






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