Design: Commersart
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Smoothies / Juice

I like 🍌🍒🍏🍑🍊🍎🥝🍇🍋🍐🍓🍍🥥

When developing the naming, we wanted to create a connection between the brand name and the type of product. The result is an unobtrusive, funny manifesto – ILIKE / smoothie / grapes or ILIKE / smoothie / mangoes. This works well with the entire product line. In the process of developing the style of packaging, we tried to most accurately convey the naturalness of the product, the original color of the drink and its ingredients. The result is natural, not flashy, matte shades. We've also added a green leaf – a little extra element that gives the package an image of a freshly harvested fruit.

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