Agency: HI(NY) Design
Designer: Hitomi Watanabe, Iku Oyamada
Client: St.Louis International Inc. , SSC Limited (JAPAN)
Photographer: Akira Kawahata
Country: United States

HerBEAU is a skincare line of phytotherapeutic products. It was produced in 2013 by St. Louis International Inc. and SSC Limited in Japan.

HI(NY)’s role was to create packages for this line, including a logo to represent the luxury brand’s personality: Natural, elegant, and decidedly feminine. We conveyed this through airy colors, delicate fonts and a clean layout. For the graphic elements, we used gradients for the product containers and diagonal graphics for the corresponding boxes, in the same color schemes. Those unusual combinations made the products unique.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery