Agency: DE/CO Studio
Designer: Diego Decortes
Illustration: Gianluca Biscalchin, photo: Silvia Pastore
Client: gliAironi – Risi&Co
Country: Italy

Le Grange is the excellence area near Vercelli where the best Italian rice is cultivated, a magic place populated by Herons, the typical bird of the paddy fields.

In this special and particular area we produce our traditional biscuits made with rice and love.

From search and development of best raw materials by “Gli Aironi”, is born a new exclusively organic range: Le Grange. This name is a clear reference to the territory where our production is made, where the history of the Italian rice was made, and where our Company is.

First of all Biscuits, completely organic, made with traditional recipes but with a special ingredient: rice flour. We make special biscuits in which rice gives a particular texture to the pastry and rich flavor. We reinvented traditional biscuits with genuine and organic ingredients ( no preservatives, margarine, colouring and aromas), a simple and tasty “fairy tale” delicious cookie.

Here are the range of “Biscotti da Favola”, a fairy tale made of butter, flour, eggs, sugar and spices: Bicciolani, Speculoos, Canestrelli, Krumiri, Baci di Dama e Baci delle Grange.

Taste the innovative tradition, taste the genuine goodness, taste them all.

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