Design: Mehak Kumar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: United World Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Roasted Almonds
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Laminated Paper based
Printing Process: Offset printing, labels

Roasted Almond packaging concept has the objective to make roasted almonds a fun and healthy snacking option. Few people have a habit of keeping roasted almonds handy in a small box, specially the ones who travel often and who work for full-time. As times are changing , the career and corporate jobs are where people are spending most of their day.

These ready to eat – snack size dry fruit packs come handy in these times. This product is super convenient, one can buy multiple packs while they visit a supermarket and carry it to work , during travelling or holidays too . This product is targeted for middle class, working class ,people who are health conscious , fitness enthusiast etc. It has a paper based compact pouch structure which makes it sustainable and also handy and flexible for storage purposes. Certain transparency is maintained for quality check and building trust between the brand and it's customers.

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