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Designer: Christine Lai
Project Type: Student Project
School: ArtCenter College of Design
Course: Packaging Design 3
Tutor: Gerardo Herrera
Location: Pasadena, California
Packaging Contents: Cosmetic Line
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, plastic

Skaphia is a concept limited-edition makeup line for Urban Decay. The name Skaphia comes from the mirror that lights up the fire in Olympic Games. The main structure of the design is inspired by repetitive body movements of the athletics and pleated fabrics of the Greek goddesses.

Urban Decay products are actually tested for extreme sports for its longevity, that's where the concept collaboration of this line started. By using athletics as the presentation of the Skaphia line shows various capabilities of the product, such as long-lasting, sweat-proof and water-proof.

This limited edition has 3 collections, Hera, Olympus, and Flame. The images here I provided are from the Hera line. Hera is one of the Goddess of Olympus. Olympic today still starts the fire ceremony at the Hera temple. The name is suitable to represent Olympic, women in power and feminity all at once.

The shapes of the primary packaging have the strength of the athletic moment repetition, elegance of the Greek Goddesses pleated fabrics, and also fits nicely into the palm of a hand. I wanted the design for Skaphia to have a strong structure provides both function and beauty.

The secondary packaging is considerate of the retail space. Having the product color details on top for a smoother shopping experience.

The project is designed for the near future, additional to primary and secondary packaging, it includes smart unattended retail space, smartwatch application, and smart mirror.

For the smart unattended retail space, it can provide a retail opportunity to fit into customers busy lives. The smart interface allows open interaction with the audience to test out makeup virtually before purchase. Using facial recognition technology to suggest users best makeup looks.

The SmartWatch application is providing a channel of experience in purchasing and product notification.

Mirrors are essential in the makeup routine, by adapting user's at home smart mirror application with smart packaging that takes in inventory, a personal makeup guides for the user in makeup styles according to their skin type and conditions. Also provides tutorials, send notifications for re-stocking, as well as easy e-commerce experience.

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