Designer: Peer Lindberg
Client: 2107 LABORATORIES GmbH
Country: Germany

2107 is a cool and fresh premium lifestyle brand for underwear, sports stuff, intimate cosmetics and exciting sex toys.

The indestructible 2107 bottles are made of high-quality, leached aluminum. A high-tech packaging for a high-tech product. You don’t have to hide the products in the drawer, they can stand proudly on display with no shame factor, on the bedside table or in the bathroom.

The lube bottles simply look cool, sexy and exclusive and you can be sure they’ll grab the attention of any visitors and prompt them to quiz you on them. All of the bottles are 100% recyclable! The relaxed attitude to life and there typical American image makes the packaging and the brand effortlessly cool and easy-going and this is precisely that feeling 2107 want’s to convey to the world.

• Eliminating outer boxes reduced waste and saves money
• Available as refillable variant. This protects the environment and the wallet
• Bottles are 100% recyclable

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery