Design: Sarah Turini
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Student Project
School: FIB – Faculdades Integradas de Bauru
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

This project consisted in choosing a brand with a strong presence in the current market and creating a new product from its essence and originality, observing aspects such as the Gestalt Law (applied to packaging), the visual identity and the company's behavior on social networks .

Why did I choose Piraquê?
Piraquê has over 70 years of history and has a huge variety of products, among them: stuffed cookies, toast, pasta and snacks. In 1950, its factory was opened in Rio de Janeiro, initially producing savory biscuits. Over the years, it has become a popular brand among people through snacks and stuffed cookies, enabling nostalgic moments among young people and teenagers of the time.

My product idea:
Even though it is a brand aimed at classes B and C (mostly young people and teenagers), Piraquê still does not have items with a strong power to attract other groups of different age groups and different eating habits. So I thought of creating two versions of chocolate bars with less fat content, a product that also attracts the adult audience that is looking for an increasingly healthy life.

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