Design: Nacho Huizar
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: GreenSupplies Mx
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Eco Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle and water-resistant paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

GreenSupplies born from the need to mitigate the current environmental impacts caused by day-to-day life, GreenSupplies redefines the what and how of the process. The goal is to challenge, improve and evaluate. In other words, we question the use of additives and packaging, we seek the incorporation of elements classified as waste in production chains, and we evaluate the use of production cycles. We believe that nothing is destroyed, everything is simply transformed.

We always provide you recyclable and returnable containers. Never plastic. Our goal is to incorporate 100% recyclable materials. We seek to extend the life cycle of each product. Why? Because 100ml of oil is needed to produce a single plastic bottle. Meanwhile, a plastic bottle takes more than 1,000 years to degrade and at the end of the day, only 7% of recycled plastic is used to make new bottles.

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