Agency: Nodspark
Founder Eugenia Ye-Yeo
Design and Digital Marketing: Sophia Ho
Design and Marketing: Kimberly Chan
Location: Singapore
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Nail Wraps

It started as a passion project to inject new life into our packaging and at the same time, reduce wastage. We acknowledged the problem of single-use packaging, and wanted to craft something beyond just one use. It took us about a year of development, trial and error, and alot of folding to get the dimensions and look of the product to meet our expectations, yet at the same time not compromising on the look of our nail wraps' packaging.

Our nail wrap packaging/ sleeve now can transform into a functional box, which stemmed from the habits of our grandparents who reused their magazines or newspapers to fold into boxes to catch food waste. We created slits and inserts to allow our customers to do the same, and you get a functional box in three simple steps.

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