Design: Hurtikonnn
Location: France
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Fruits compote
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Polyethylene and cardboard straw

Ô comme 3 pommes, Me prends pas pour une poire and Ramène pas ta fraise are product names for a French brand of children's compotes. Coming from popular expressions, they are often heard by children as for example "Haut comme trois pommes" (high as three apples) designating the latter. This touch of humour from the brand allows it to communicate simply about its products so that children understand better. On the Ô comme trois pommes pictogram alone, arms give energy and make them more expressive. These small stacked apples are enough to understand that this is an apple-based product for young people. The typography used in the logo gives the impression that it was written by the child himself and is therefore linked to his daily life (learning cursive writing at school). The whole has a strong personality that allows it to stand out from the rest and to develop a recognizable universe at first glance.

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