Designed by Ferroconcrete, United States.

At Ferroconcrete, we incubate and accelerate ideas—then bring them to life in stunning detail. Introducing Commodity, a brand we’ve been with from the start. Commodity is turning fragrance into a modern essential with a full line of men and women’s scents. It’s the perfect example of how we do things at Ferroconcrete.

Our team noticed that the fragrance industry had been almost untouched by the Internet age. The fragrance market seemed to be saturated with shirtless male models and lofty slogans—so we set about creating a modern brand of scents that felt accessible even for people who aren’t into fragrances.

The biggest challenge was that you can’t smell what you see online. We came up with the idea for an online service that allows customers to test scents in their own homes. It made finding a great fragrance an easy and enjoyable process with a service that lets you find scents based on your own style, sample them in the comfort of your own home, and then have your choices delivered to your doorstep. We named the company “Commodity” and called its unique service “scent tailoring” then we crafted a brand, packaging, start-up strategy, website, and infrastructure.

A lot of thought and detail went into every aspect of Commodity. We understand that a new company isn’t just a business venture—it’s a work of art. We’re proud to have been part of Commodity’s incredible journey. At Ferroconcrete, we believe that being an entrepreneur can be the ultimate expression of creativity.

This project has encompassed comprehensive brand strategy, product and packaging design, positioning, art direction, website design, user interface design, user experience design, information architecture, development of brand names and language, social media strategy, and online community development.








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