Designer: Tanya Mikolaevskaya
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Packaging Material: Cardboard

Healthy lifestyle is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more devices and applications are released to control different aspects of your health, an amount of consumed calories, sleep, movement and so on. People leading healthy lifestyles are distinguished by their self-discipline. Most of them say: "Healthy lifestyle is a daily routine."

This statement is the base of the herbal iced tea “t'O'clock” concept.

It is known that different herbs have different effects on the body. That’s why you should take them at a different time of day. Herbs from “t'O'clock” packaging will tell you themselves when to drink them!

In the morning — nettles and willow-herb for vitality. In the afternoon — lemongrass and yarrow for concentration. At night — mint and thyme for relaxation.

These "cans" are also very eco friendly, beacause the're made of cardboard. Drinks can be stored up to 12 months in this kind of packaging.

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