Designer: Szani Mészáros & Eszti Varga
Country: Hungary

1st concept: When we started to design the wine labels, our inspiration was that the Figula Mihály ‘Sóskút’ wine has a salty- mineral character, since the grapevines are located on a field full of minerals. On our first design we illustrated a piece of salt that also reminds of a bunch of grapes. We also wanted to call to mind the salty character with the typography, so we substituted the accents with the + and – signs, since the salt is composed of positive and negative charges. The package of the bottle is a nice wooden box, on which we engraved our illustration of the salt.

2nd concept: Since the soil of this particular vineyard has different layers of minerals (like chalk, salt, clay etc.) we wanted to represent this on our second design. We drew minerals connected to each other like layers of the ground, and cut the edge of the label similar to the surface of the land. We used a little bit of red colour, that comes back on the neck of the wine too, with the logo of Figula Mihály on top of it.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery