Agency: Joost Identities
Brand Strategy: Joost la Housse/ Joost Identities & In The branding/ Stephanie Mulder
Creative Direction/Design: Joost la Housse/ Joost Identities
Copy: Emendo Editing
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client: IKA Beauty
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Lipstick
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium, Silk, Cardboard
Printing Process: Offset, Screen printing, Embossing, Soft touch finish, Magnet closure

IKA represents the strength you already possess to be your best self. Carve your own path, armed with IKA.

IKA Beauty. Your best you. “IKA” translating to “you” in the founders dialects is a product line consists of three shades of high performing red lipstick. The color cosmetics industry and especially the lipsticks market is mature and saturated with many brands and products that sell a dream, an ideal, or perfection. IKA Beauty does things differently: instead of focusing on the dream of becoming the ‘ideal woman’ by using cosmetics, the brand focuses on how its products boost the wearer’s own identity, confidence and creativity, as reflected by its tagline ‘YOUR BEST YOU’. IKA is here to help women find their voice and proclaim that beauty is up to them. Gone are the days where women look for external validation but instead IKA wants women to look within and love what they see. IKA wants to be inspirational as well as aspirational.

IKA wants the lipstick wearing ritual to also be a reminder to those wearing it, that she has her own back.

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