Designer: Csönge Balla
Country: Hungary

This wine label was designed for the Cégér a jó bornak design competition. The label was selected amongst the best 10 in the first round of the competition.

The subject of the Cégér a jó bornak competition was to design a label for riesling vineyard selection of the Figula Winery. The riesling of Sóskút (Hungary) vineyard grows on a special soil. This area is located just below the limestone mine, so here under the thin topsoil layer there is a limestone layer with good watertight capabilities, which keeps the moisture content of the soil perfectly even in drought years. The upper part of the topsoil is clayey, which increases the proper water balance of the soil.

The label design is based on this habitat specificity and stratification. The upper, golden layer of the label symbolizes the clayey topsoil – the earth. this layer is made of scratch-off paint, similar to the lottery tickets. Scratching it off – as we were digging – the limestone layer is revealing to us. A Figula commemorative is also included in the package of the wine, with this coin we can easily scratch off the golden paint. Thus the multilayer label represents the uniqueness of Sóskút vineyard and also makes its costumer play.

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