Designed by Matt Burns, Australia.

The Fyne Ales Sanda IPA packaging brief was to capture a sense of the brewery’s provenance, with a true representation of the beer style, that being an American IPA.

Up front, a wood type (Dharma) and bold colour selection enforces the American characterises of the product, although it’s the finer detail which plays homage to the location of Fyne Ales. Fyne Ales is located in Argyll Scotland, right in the heart of Loch Fyne. The detail on the label references the area with illustrations of the Highland Cow, the iconic tree farms, the salmon, the rain and the stag.

There may be a sense of repetition in the placement of these illustrations, however the placement is purposely irregular. This is a subtle feature, but it is to demonstrate the diverseness and also the unpredictable nature of the land; There is always a surprise around the corner, whether it would be a pack of stag or an impromptu snow storm.

This detail is brought to life with a Tactile Varnish applied to a semi gloss coated stock.




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