Creative Agency: IKON BC
Art-director: Eugene Kuprienko
Designers: Alexey Kurchin, Eugene Kuprienko, Angelina Gayazova
Copywriter: Eugene Kuprienko
3D visualization: Pavel Gubin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: BRTL by brutal
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Peanut butter packaging
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Offset printing

The empire of the Incas showed to mankind a courage standard — the fearless soldier who used in his diet the peanut butter — a unique nutritious product for force and endurance.

The present time athlete is self-assured, he is resolute in achievement of the personal purposes. In his rules to leave freight of the doubts capable to paralyze his will. This is the athlete who knows what he wants, and knows how to receive it. He demands uncompromising quality in all spheres of life. And he isn't lonely! Near him the strong woman who isn't conceding to him in strength of mind. He is uncompromisingly brutal, she is seductively perfect.
BRTL by Brutal launches the new series of peanut butter packaging to help its customers "to unleash the beast" and energy living in each athlet. BRTLby Brutal Peanut Butter is bringing you the most natural sourse of a high amount protein and a great taste you have never experienced before. BRTLby Brutal is designed for the hardcore bodybuilders as well as for the casual healthy lifestyle.

BRTL by Brutal specializes in perfect sport nutrition based on peanut butter and other kinds of nuts giving the most powerful source of macro and micro nutrients for effective muscle gaining. With BRTL by Brutal products your way to perfection and aesthetics will never knows the completion. The brand is inspired by your inner beast.

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