Design: Sravanti Vitta Sanjay
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Chocolate Tribe
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Chocolates
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard, Stickers
Printing Process: Digital Printing

When I was approached for the project, the client brief was to come up with a very unique packaging which doesn't have to evidently say its a chocolate bar. The brand believed that the chocolate bar was more than any ordinary chocolate. Chocolate Tribe is a gourmet chocolate brand which had to depicted in its look and feel.

After delving deep into the packaging ideas and research for a chocolate brand , in the pursuit of creating a visual blast, this packing was designed – amalgamation of art , abstractness and chocolate making it a sinful piece of edible art. The chocolate bar packaging represents an art canvas where each wrapper contains hues and tones of the flavors in each chocolate bar. The whole concept behind TRIBE chocolates is to make it a piece of edible art, right from its packaging to the shape of the chocolate including the hand illustrated Tribal elements.

Staying true to its name, every bar contains a fixed set of tribal Elements to give it a mix of artistic and tribal vibe. Each of the six canvases have been carefully designed keeping in mind, the particular flavor is going to transport you to, it could be the land of salted caramel and sea salt or basking in gooey, sinful dark chocolate. A vibrant, unique packaging which intrigues you to experience it aimed at experiencing not just the taste but how it feels as well.

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