Designer: Kata Moravszki & Richárd Lakosi
Country: Hungary

Concept 1
The Figula winery vineyards are located at Balatonfüred and its sounding places. One such place is Balatonszőlős – Sóskút. This winery is one of the most beautiful areas and it is mentioned as a crown jewel of the winery. From here came our idea to deal with the coat of arms of the two areas. In compliance with the rules of heraldic coat of arms the combination of the two places has been created. As a great shield the coat of arms of Balatonfüred embraces the coat of arms of Balatonszőlős in a shape of a heart. This is the Fess Point, the most important element of the coat of arms. Thus this sign embodies in a authentically manor the relationship between Wine, Winery and Sóskút-vineyard.

In this concept we created a custom font for the winery that is modern, but also reflects to the basics of the heraldic emblems.

Concept 2
In this job we wanted to put more emphasis on the individual reproduction. As it has been described in the specification of the competition the wine is “full-bodied and very characteristic” so we tried a similar move during the design. As therefore it was made with linocut technic. The typecast itself gives a line mesh which reminds us of a vine and tendrils. Whit this we associated the aestheticized lead letter. With this printing method every print is unique. This kind of uniqueness gives the label a special charm that forces the viewer to take a closer look at the wine.

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