Agency: VORĀ Design Studio
Designer: Loukas Chondros
Location: Greece
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Cuttlefish Ink Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper box
Printing Process: Digital printing

Pasta Sepia is a brand identity system that features the definition of sepia in all means. Most importantly, sepia is the ink that both pasta and packaging are dyed with. Sepia as fish source, sepia as ink to dye the pasta and print on packaging, and finally, sepia as photography aesthetics.

sépia f (plural sépias)

  1. cuttlefish (any squid-like mollusc of the genus Sepia)
  2. sepia (dark brown pigment)
  3. how to display photo film on film or photo paper, which turns a photo into a one-colour shade

The cuttlefish (any squid-like mollusc of the genus Sepia) derived from the latinized form of the Greek word σηπία, sēpía.

Ink Color
The colour, named after the dark brown pigment derived from the cuttlefish ink sacretions. The ink was commonly used as writing ink in Greco-Roman civilization, as well as artists’ drawing material until the 19th century.

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