Designer: Pedro Almeida
Project Type: Student Project
School: Bau, Centro Universitario de Diseño de Barcelona
Course: Master degree in Branding & Packaging
Tutor: Gerard Miró, Lo Siento
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Marble, Aluminium

A student work for BAU Escola Superior de Disseny in Barcelona developed in the Lo Siento class. The task was to create a experimental packaging in honor of a deceased typographer.

I choose Giambattista Bodoni, and the Bodoni typography. The concept is related to the story. Bodoni was inspired by the french typography to create your's, but he was Italian. The concept is there in common between Italy and France in the XIX century: the sculptures in marble. The idea is that typography is a sculpture in marble transported in a trunk.

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