Designed by Laura Soave, Italy.

“Gorilla Pure Vodka” and “Gorilla Super Hot Sauce” were conceived to create an unique universe in which two different products can coexist. Shifting from the cold universe of the Vodka, straight to the warm universe of the Hot Sauce. The whole design concept turn around a Gorilla’s hand, that grabs the bottle’s label. I didn’t want to show the Gorilla, I just wanted to express the atmosphere and the power of the animal, here shown only by its hand. The use of two contrasted typeface put an accent on the strength of the brand. I could experiment two colours’ combination. The cold ones, light blue and grey for the Vodka and the warm ones, red and black for the Spicy Sauce. I’ve also created a gift box for each product, as if they were both part of the same line. Wouldn’t be cooler to attend a party bringing some Gorilla Pure Vodka and eventually the Gorilla Super Hot Sauce for some snacks, all wrapped up in two charming gift boxes?





via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery