Agency: Pearlfisher
Founding Partner Group & Creative Director: Jonathan Ford
Founding Partner & Group Chairman: Mike Branson
Partner, Design & Experience: David Jenkinson
Design Director: Sam Lachlan
Copywriter: Jamie Thorp
Designer: Angus
Head of Realisation: Jen Newell
Client Director: Nadine Orton
Client Manager: Gabrielle Gill
Client Manager: Claire Dow
Creative Designer: Angelina Pischikova

Grab It: Pearlfisher’s new design ensures healthy convenience and great flavour is never out of reach

Pearlfisher has redesigned Tyson Foods’ chicken on a stick range, Grab It, to attract a wider audience and bring a modern, convenient and tasty approach to healthy snacking on the go.

Tyson Foods, Inc is one of the world’s largest food companies and a recognised leader in protein. The Grab It chicken on a stick range already boasts a range of evolving inventive and inspired flavours – such as Vindaloo and Habanero Mango. Preparing for re-launch with new recipes, punchier flavours and extended product shelf- life, Tyson approached Pearlfisher to modernise and elevate its hand-held healthy snacking brand.

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