Agency: Izvorka Juric _ visual communications, Motus Vis Ltd
Designer: Izvorka Juric
Client: CIMA Ltd
Country: Croatia

FINA premium spirits and liqueurs is a line of natural products without added flavoring. FINA brandies and liqueurs are meant for contemporary consumers and will be placed in bars and clubs, for consumption in airplanes and hotel mini-bars, but also for sell at retailers. FINA premium brandy product line includes four flavors of brandy and four flavors of liqueur. Due to the different positioning of the product, it was decided to make a visual distinction between spirits and liqueurs, but keep both of them within the same visual identity.

The project includes complete product development from devising and designing names to packaging design and product promotion. The basis of the product visual identity is the modern typography in combination with stylized illustrations of fruit. The difference between brandy and liquor is placed in the position of positives and negatives, so bright spirits are coded with black and white elements, while dark liquors are coded with silver elements. Due to the wide variety of sales channels, FINA brandies and liqueurs are produced in several different sizes and shapes.

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