Designed by VRS WPI Vilnius, Lithuania.
Designer: Marija Mikulskienė

BIOK laboratory – ECODENTA black and white toothpastes

BIOK LABORATORY is one of the largest manufacturers of beauty products in the Baltic States. Today it controls 6 trademarks, one of which is the very first Lithuanian toothpaste ECODENTA, which combines carefully selected herbs and other natural ingredients, together with the source of calcium, Kalident, which strengthens the teeth.

In 2012 two very special and unique toothpastes were launched – black ecological whitening toothpaste with black charcoal and TeavigoTM and ecological triple effect toothpaste with white clay, propolis and TeavigoTM – for people looking for innovative and unconventional daily solutions. So the main requirements for the packaging design were innovation and exclusiveness.

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