Designed by Adriano Furtado, Fabricio Rodrigues, Marcos Philipson, Maki Shintate.
School: Fauusp – University of São Paulo
Country: Brazil

This is a concept project, a start of conversation on how we can make smarter, flexible and environmental friendly packagings.

The mission of this project was acting as a standard packaging system focusing on upcoming Brazilian small businesses. The insight was that most of the packagings work pretty much the same way in terms of volume and usage, so we’ve designed the most universal shape in order to offer extreme flexibility of options even in small productions.

The lower pieces are interchangeable with upper pieces, creating more than 30 possibilities of combinations that can be applied to the most different kinds of foods & beverages. This flexibility also allows the system to be reused, receiving upper parts that transform the glass pieces on useful objects, avoiding the glass to be thrown away.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery