Country: The Netherlands

CARTILS designs the innovative new Grolsch Radler

Recently Radler beers have been gaining the interest of the Dutch consumers. Grolsch, SABMiller, taps into this opportunity by introducing the new innovative Grolsch Radler in the Dutch market. Based on a recipe from 1922, where beer and fruit juices make the ultimate Radler. CARTILS translated Grolsch’s strong values of high quality, tradition, uniqueness and authenticity into a Radler beer with premium cues.

CARTILS’ expertise in branding and packaging design made it possible to set this totally new Radler beer for Grolsch in the market. The objective of Grolsch Radler is to attract consumers which are new to the Radler beer category. CARTILS developed a modern outspoken presentation of the new Grolsch Radler. The refreshing, thirst-quenching yet tasteful benefits of this special beer are brought into life onto the packaging. The white, yellow, silver and gold colours of the beer reinforce the refreshing character of this Radler. Grolsch Radler is a fresh, dynamic, naturally brewed and with pure ingredients beer, containing 2% of alcohol (meant exclusively for adults above 18 years).

For Grolsch, SABMiller, the new innovative Radler stays true to its provenance as Gisela Rule, Marketing Director at Grolsch said “We stand for quality beer that is brewed 400 years long with craftsmanship and character. Our new debutante fits with this, Grolsch Radler. We went back to the roots of Radler, to where it all started. Therefore this recipe: real Grolsch beer with real fruit juice.”

The result of the collaboration between CARTILS and Grolsch, SABMiller, made it possible to introduce the new Radler in the market which will change this segment. The new Grolsch Radler bottle is available in the Dutch market as of March 2014.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery