Agency: Rice Creative
Designer: Chi-An De Leo & Joshua Breidenbach
Client: Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat & La Grande Épicerie de Paris
Photography by Wing Chan
Country: France

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat were approached by La Grande Épicerie de Paris, one of the finest grocers in Paris, to create an exclusive chocolate bar specifically for their shelves. Our challenge; to keep the strength of the Marou chocolate brand & packaging, while appropriately incorporating a graphic language inspired by the iconic La Grande Épicerie and adjacent Le Bon Marché

Marou had decided to create a range of 3 exclusive bars for the store, including an extra dark 85% cacao bar, a medium 75% bar, and a relatively light 65% bar. Our approach was to create 3 different colored packs in a way that appears to feature the iconic building at 3 different times of day utilizing the 3 core colors of La Grande Épicerie de Paris. The buildings were hand drawn, to wrap around the package in a way that creates billboarding opportunities. The front of the pack shows one facade, while the back shows the 2 buildings facing each other. Standard Marou packaging incorporates an over-all geometric pattern. To transform this important element appropriately for the new pack, we discovered and appropriated a pattern found over the skylights of the 19th century building.

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