Agency: évoo
Designer: Cédric Peiffer (pack) & Pierre Buzulier (design/cartoon)
Poppy cookies by
Client: Gart
Country: France

GART is a round table between : a packaging (paper folding system), an artist, a workshop employment for people in difficulty (handicap, back to job programm).

Artists ? YES ! designers, painters, photographs .. poets why not : GART is an open source place; the objectiv is to play and to discover with the consumer.

At each edition, it will change.

To begin, GART welcomes these delicious cookies as poppy cookies wear by Mr Pierre Buzulier.

A full range (caramel, chocolates, sweets) will soon be presented.

GART is 100% communicative, outside as inside, it uses no glue, and mades with recycled paper.

GART poopy cookies saves 20% of paper (weight of biscuits/paper surface classic pack).

GART is printed and hand made locally.

GART wants to promote nice products cooked by manufacturers, artists, and local handmade job.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery