Written by Anna Jennifer, third-generation mover of www.newhaven-usa.com, one of the largest packaging supplies manufacturer and supplier in USA.

Product packaging is big business today. Many companies are continuously seeking ways not only to improve their products but also their packaging. They invest and research on the different innovative ways they can package their products. Product packaging not only makes things more attractive to consumers but also makes them safer. They need to make sure their products can reach their destination and they won’t harm anyone. When it comes to product packaging for safety, there are many ways a company can go about designing their packaging. These are just some of the few innovative ways they can do it.

Food Safety
One type of product which has to submit to very strict standards is food. Food must be kept sealed to prevent tampering, but also prevent it from going bad. There are also environmental concerns, as many types of food packaging, like plastic, are not biodegradable, which means they just get dumped in the trash and stick around forever.

Packaging for Transport
The world, they say, is becoming smaller each day. Indeed, a few hundred years ago (or even a few decades ago) sending one package from one place to halfway around the world would be practically impossible or prohibitively expensive. Today, we can overnight almost anything to anywhere in the world. So, packaging for transport is a big concern for many companies. They want to make sure that their product gets to its destination intact. However, you can’t just put things in wholesale moving boxes and hope they get to their destination intact. They need to be properly packed.

That is why many companies are investing in different kinds of cushioning material. Cushioning materials and cases should be lightweight and durable, and of course, affordable. Corrugated case materials are one innovative way companies are packaging their product to keep them safe on the road. These materials make perfect packaging for all types of products because they can cushion shocks and prevent products from breaking while in transport.

Child Safety
Another concern manufacturers have when it comes to safe packaging is young children. Childproof packaging is important for products which are particularly dangerous to children, like knives, weapons, drugs, and cleaning chemicals. For drugs and medicines, child-safe bottles are the best way to go. However, the problem with these is that these child-safe bottles are that some adults have problems opening them as well. Seniors and disabled people, the two groups who most need access to these drugs, find difficulty opening these bottles as they require extra strength and dexterity.

Companies should invest in new child-safe, but senior and disabled friendly packaging. These bottles still make it harder for children to open them, but easier for all adults. Another safety issue is the packing itself. Some children may accidentally choke or suffocate on these packages. While researchers are still finding ways to prevent this, parents must be vigilant and keep these out of their kids’ reach.

About the author
Anna Jennifer is a third-generation mover. Her grandfather established his own moving company www.newhaven-usa.com, one of the largest packaging supplies manufacturer and supplier in USA.

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