Creative Agency: SUMMA Branding
Creative Directors: Pablo Amade, Óscar Fort
Designers: Sebastián Negrín, Raúl Flores
Artwork Preparation: Josep Ribas
Account: Sara Murteira
Brand Managers: José Pedro Silva, Rui Mota
Marketing Manager: Vasco Ribeiro
Marketing Director: Bruno Albuquerque
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Super Bock Group
Location: Porto, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Special Beers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Matte Paper, glass bottle & Cardboard

Coruja was born with the intention of finding the proper branding for portuguese young adults that aim to get different experiences when having a beer. Tired of having the same Pilsner everytime they go out with their friends and curious about the new beer world that is trending, they want something that delivers the differentiation and the quality they seek. Hence the name. Coruja (in portuguese) or Owl (in english) is an animal that is both related to wisdom (that is key to a beer tham aims to make a statement through its quality) that personifies the effort of our master brewers, and to mistery and curiosity that is the main characteristic of our target.

When desinging the packaging the part of the owl that best delievered this message were, definetly, the eyes that then became the brand image throughout all the touchpoints.

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