Designer: Hamda Alnuaimi
Project Type: Student Project
Course: Mfa Graphic Design
Tutor: Hunter Wimmer
Location: USA, CA, San Francisco
Packaging Contents: DVD Package
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Mohawk Paper
Printing Process: Ink jet printing.

Stuck in Rewind—Pausing failure, rewinding the past, and moving forward in the films of Cameron Crowe.

A film festival showcasing the movies of An-all American director, Cameron Crowe. He’s known for his iconic movies, retro feel, and work as a music journalist for the rolling stone.

The thread of his movies always revolve around battered idealists and music lovers who temporarily lose their course in life but are prepared to take the journey and at the end they get what they’re looking for. However, they collect memories and memorabilia along the way.

I’ve elected to design a DVD package that looks like a 12-inch vinyl package with modifications to fit all five DVDS, act as a memorabilia which can be displayed, as well as a space for an-oversized booklet.

Visual style: Photography with light-leaks to represent being outside in the California sun and the documentation of a journey, DVD vinyl-like package celebrates the love for music, and the handwritten type depicts the characters of the movie.

Selected Movies (Images on the DVD labels are a reoccurring subject in every movie): Singles, Say Anything, Almost Famous, Elizabethtown, and Jerry Maguire.

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