Designed by ZhiSheng NGAI, Chung KokWai CHONG and JieLin YEOW
School: School of Design, Southern College Universitiy
Country: Malaysia

It’s like bringing our chefs back home.

This take away boxes are helping Genki Sushi to change their customer’s bad impression of plastic or boring polyfoam food box. The concept is to transform the chopping board onto the box to preserve initial sense of Japanese traditional cuisine.

Although it is take away food, but still want to bring the customer sincerity feel and hard work by the chef, just like bringing the chefs back to home and preparing the Hand-made Sushi in front of dining table and serving the Sushi on chopping board as having it in restaurant.

Due to high volume of boxes as buffet or family consumption, there is a handle sleeve which can hold 3 big boxes and tight it up nicely with traditional japanese clothes pattern as japanese do.

Genki Sushi like to bring the chefs back to your home even you are only buying take away sushi.

via Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery