Agency: 525 Creative Lab Kft
Designer: Sandor Szalay
Client: Ecentico Kft
Country: Hungary

MicoVit & MicoTon dietary supplement mushroom medicine

Packaging and teaser campaign of MicoVit and MicoTon, natural dietary supplements containing medicinal mushroom extract were made at the request of Esentico Ltd. The Esentico Ltd. was founded in 2006 primarily to provide naturopathic services and health-related sale of dietary supplements.

The company distributes only self-designed, high-quality and authorized products, packaged in Hungary.

Medical use of mushrooms is based on the experience of thousand years. This old form of therapy was supplemented by modern scientific methods and extraction, concentration and allows us to optimize the absorption of the active ingredient.

During implementation we went back to the time of the old medical prescriptions to evoke how some specific information was filled out by pens dipped in ink. We put this vintage style together with modern, vivid design.

The central visual of design is the wax seal which shapes the ing-zhi mushroom, the main component and also means the symbol of so-called „time-tested recipe”. Its colors are inspired by nature and several species of mushroom. The medicine jar was colored with glass paint.

The main purpose of the capsule is strengthening the immune system therefore it provides protection against immune diseases, and helps prevent cancer.

The idea of key visual is inspired a new movement. Following the pink ribbon symbol of the breast cancer we have created the “mushrooms against cancer” symbol of the mushroom-shaped ribbon.

The packages appeared with an alternative design which one focuses on the nature since the use of capsules is a popular way of alternative therapies.

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