Agency: Pearlfisher
Creative Director: Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher
Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher
Design Director: Poppy Steadman, Pearlfisher
Senior Strategist: Georgia Levison
Words: Sylvie Saunders, Pearlfisher
Realisation Director: Shaun Jones, Pearlfisher
Account Director: Becs Baker, Pearlfisher
Client: Gerrard International
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: United States

Pearlfisher London creates identity and packaging for Kissed by Mii, the new tanning range from Gerrard International

Following the creation of the highly successful Mii make-up brand in 2010, Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, naming, tone of voice, identity, graphic and structural packaging and marketing collateral for Kissed by Mii, the new tanning range from Gerrard International.

Made with marine minerals including coral seaweed extract, Kissed by Mii offers a sophisticated, calm and reassuring experience, in a celebrity saturated world where tanning can be seen as complex, frenetic and full of potential disaster. Designed for use in spas, salons and at home, the Kissed by Mii range includes an exfoliator, mitt, moisturiser and tanning lotion in two shades for all skin tones.

Pearlfisher Creative Director, Sarah Cattle, described the design approach, “When done well and with consideration, a tan makes us feel like we are a better version of our natural selves. Therefore, Kissed by Mii needed to bring to life the positive and emotionally enriching experience that reflects the feeling we have when we’re tanned – making consumers feel great from the inside out.”

She continues, “The illustrative style and colour palette makes reference to the marine minerals that are unique to the brand, whilst the sophisticated touches of gold in the identity and illustration reflect the glow of sun-kissed skin.”

“The brand’s tone of voice has been carefully designed to cut through the confusion of the tanning category, quelling previously common worries about the smell, shade and longevity of different tanning brands. Clear brand messaging communicates the three simple stages to ‘prepare’, ‘bare’ and ‘care’ for your skin using the Kissed by Mii range.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery