Agency: Adatte Design
Designer: Jeremia Adatte
Country: Lausanne, Switzerland

The bottle comes in a black packaging with a shape and design inspired of a book. It will look great displayed on your bookshelf! The box closes with two magneted flaps reminiscent of a wineyard wrought iron gates. The bottle lies in a cutom made foam with a laser engraved pattern. The glass lid is topped with a unique hand-made shiny black wax seal. No seal is alike.

Product notes : Eau de vie (fruit Brandy or Grappa) obtained from red wine grapes. Aged for six years in french oak barrels. You’ll instantly recognize smoked mahogany and cinnamon flavours that come out of its glittering golden robe. Pair with : a cuban cigar and serve it on the rocks. Enjoy!

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery