Designed by Coats Design, New Zealand.
Designer: Matt Grantham, Rob Coats
Image Retouching: Daniel Leggett

Hubbards, a truly independent Kiwi company, has been making cereals for over 20 years. They approached Coats to refresh their brand and develop packaging to launch a new range of premium, ingredient focussed Mueslis.

First up was the Hubbards logo itself. The new logo needed to reaffirm the Hubbards brand values – be strong, unpretentious and honest – in essence, a true Kiwi.

A simple slab serif font was chosen and refined to reflect these values. Its earthy, grounded characteristics combine with a warm dark brown colour to make it easily recognisable, simple and clear, as well as allowing flexible application across the Hubbards product range.

Packaging for the new range of Mueslis moved away from the Hubbards norm. A smaller, stockier pack was chosen to allow for more shelf facings; a natural substrate using the reverse matt side was recommended; and a window integrated into the overall design showed off the product and ingredients.

A macro image of the hero ingredient dominates the front face to become the holding device for the product style and name. Fonts, copy, overall tone of voice and the use of fresh vibrant colours were crafted to stay true to Hubbards’ quirky reputation and be proud of its Kiwi, challenger brand standpoint. Every facing has been used for consumer engagement, with the inside opening to reveal a ‘Vuitton’ style wallpaper design, along with other interactive messages encouraging customer feedback or for launching competitions.







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