Designer: Lucía Antruejo Tovar
Project Type: Student Project
School: ESI Valladolid | Escuela Superior de Diseño
Course: Máster
Tutor: Samuel Magaña
Location: Valladolid, Spain
Packaging Contents: Detergent
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

El Corte Inglés takes its name from a small tailor shop founded in 1890 and located between Preciados, Carmen and Rompelanzas streets, in Madrid. In 1935, Mr. Ramón Areces Rodríguez, endorsed by his uncle César Rodríguez, buys the tailor shop, thus initiating his business venture.

The sale model expressed above is still valid today. Thus, in its corporate social responsibility document, it is pointed out that the five pillars of commitment to the customer are quality, service, assortment, specialization and guarantee.

These five pillars have produced significant customer loyalty and in 2011 their centers received some 630 million visits.

El Corte Ingles sells its products at higher prices than its competitors, although it tries to make up for this inconvenience by making offers, inductive demand through advertising and an extensive program of automatic financing for the purchase of your articles.

The proposal is to carry out the redesign of three detergents in the 3-liter format.

We are looking for a design without forgetting the history of El Corte Inglés, stand out from the competition with a more qualitative and sophisticated air considering its sale in large stores. In addition, I want to escape from ostentation and falsehood, reflect veracity, sincerity and extreme quality of his products. Add also to a discreet sober style, which reflects quality and high price but with a wink of emotion.

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