Agency: eszkimo design
Designer: Diana Ghyczy, Photos: Bence Farkasinszki, Bonbons: Dorka Meleg and Kati Redei
Client: Bonbonbon
Country: Hungary

The Bonbonbon is the gastro project of ours. All of us work on different fields. Dorka runs an agency and in her free time creates recipes and she’s also a committed community gardener. Kati teaches English in an international kindergarten and usually her students are the first testers of her bonbons. And me, Dia works as a graphic and packaging designer. All of us have a passion for our BonBonBons.

Our idea was to recreate a food everybody knows and likes in a simple, healthy way. This food was the coconut ball. We kept the form but changed the ingredients. Walnut, almond, coconut oil and seasonal raw materials are used. Each bonbon has a unique package, design and taste.

But now we are is preparing for spring and summer. Our new 6, 9 and 12 pieces picnic set can be also used as a sideboard on different events.

Since coconut ball had a major role in our childhood (as our favorite desert) in the early 90’s we wanted to bring back the era’s style in our spring design mixed with modern typography.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery