Agency: Christoph Petersen Design GmbH
Country: Germany

Veltins, with its beers, beer-mixes and beer-like products, is one of the absolute winners in the difficult and shrinking German beer market, which is also characterized by seriously falling prices.

The long-term and highly successful collaboration between the Hamburg-based design agency Christoph Petersen Design, now firmly established as a European leader in beer brand design, and Germany’s highly innovative and fifth largest brewery, located in the rural Sauerland region, is based on very close cooperation on all issues relating to strategic and conceptual brand management.

Freshness in product and attitude is the very essence of the brand and the brand management, and is therefore always the starting point, and the guiding light, for new brand policies.

The search for an innovative approach to an alcohol-free beverage that is based on brewed beer turned up ‘Fassbrause’, a non-alcoholic brewery product that was already popular 100 years ago, mainly in Berlin.

The task facing the brand developers was to introduce this traditional beverage to a new, broad target group, and to express the highly refreshing, low calorie character of this product in the style and tonality that is typical for Veltins.

Christoph-Petersen Design created the distinctive Veltins punch label and the unmistakable, dynamic design appearance of the brand family over 10 years ago, and this served as inspiration for Fassbrause.

Following the pattern set by the line extender Veltins V+, the Fassbrause label serves to promote the product and brand value of freshness.

Continuing to associate new brewery products with the ‘Freshness’ brand value appears to be not only good for new products, but also benefits the whole brand family, therefore increasing the attractiveness of the brand to the broader public, as can be seen from the disproportionally high growth rate.

As always, Christoph Petersen Design did not just create the branding, it also developed the new brand’s corporate design appearance for its customer Veltins.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery